A Step by Step Guide for Super Hydrophobic Coating DIY Application

The Super hydrophobic Glass Coating And Anti-scratch Car Polish makes hydrophobic coating accessible for everyone! The following, simple, step by step guide will teach you how to apply the hydrophobic coating on your car.

Shop now for your DIY Hydrophobic Coating Kit. One car usually requires two bottles:


If you already bought it, relax and follow the instructions carefully.

Before Applying:

  • Apply the hydrophobic coating after exterior cleaning, preferably polished. However, a superior polish is not mandatory.
  • Do not apply under the scorching sun, in the rain, or sub-zero temperatures. Make sure your car is completely clean.
  • Remove any dirt on the car body.
  • Car body must be dry.
  • Apply only after the auto body has cooled completely.
  • Apply by hand.


  • Unbox the super hydrophobic coating kit.

  • Wrap the provided cloth over the sponge.

  • Pour some drops of the liquid on it, a few drops are enough.
  • Wipe gently but firmly over the car surface.
  • Use a wet cloth to wash all the leftovers of the hydrophobic coating and make the coating uniform.

After Applying:

  • Allow 48 hours of natural drying
  • Avoid rain/snow on the car surface in the next 48 hours
  • Enjoy your car's new look!

Hydrophobic Coating Video Demonstration:

Watch this short video demonstration showing the hydrophobic ceramic coating application:


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